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Keep the creepy crawlies away with help from the home service specialists in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane! Our trained experts use the most relevant anti-pest products depending on the location and current condition of your beautiful home. This ensures that every pest is got rid off. No one likes to live with cockroaches and other eerie insects in their home after all! So let us help you keep all of those pesky pests at bay with our trusted, safe and professional pest control services.

General Pest Control

What We'll Do

    Our General Pest Control Service covers all crawling insects such as,

    • Cockroaches
    • Red/ black ants
    • Spiders

    Service Time: 1-2 Hours (depending on BHK)

    No. of Servicemen: 1-2 (depending on BHK)


    • No need to vacate the premises during or after the treatment
    • Completely odourless solution, non messy and non smelly chemicals
    • We aim at total control and eradication of pests
    • All chemicals used are 100% safe and are not harmful to health
    • Our service is safe, effective and long lasting
    • Pests may not be completely eradicated in just one session
    • 30 days service guarantee is offered in our one time service
    • 1 year service guarantee is offered in our Annual Subscription Plans
    • Keep pets and children away during the service and from areas where chemicals have been applied

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