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Give your home a professional cleaning and get it sparkling again! Over time, the floors, corners, tiles and so much more get faded or stained. One of the best things about our various home cleaning services is the choice between a basic or deep cleaning and if you're about to move-into a new home, we got that covered for you too! Our cleaning agents ensure that they first assess your home before honing in on the type of products and methods to use. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your home. Book a service today and never worry about home cleaning tasks ever again when you have the experts waiting to clean-up for you.

Home Cleaning

What We'll Do

    Service Includes:

    • Manual cleaning of floor
    • Cleaning of windows, window panes,window channels and grills
    • Removal of cobwebs
    • Vacuuming of sofa, chairs, mattresses, carpets, curtains
    • Cleaning and disinfection of washrooms
    • Dusting of Gadgets
    • De-greasing of kitchen area
    • Cleaning of balconies
    • Cleaning of cabinets and wardrobes externally
    • Cleaning of fans, tubes, switchboard, bulbs, door handles
    • Fridge, microwave and chimney exterior cleaning

    Service Time: 8-12 Hours (depending on BHK)

    No. of Servicemen: 2-6 (depending on BHK)


    • Customer to provide for stool/ladder, water and electrical connection
    • Wall cleaning is not included
    • For Office and Bungalow cleaning, quotation will be provided post inspection
    • Cost inclusive of GST

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